"See? Groot’s the only one of you who has a clue."


God is behind everything, but everything hides God. Things are black; creatures are opaque. To love a being is to render it transparent.

Victor Hugo’s draft of Les Miserables.

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Thomas Ruff Germany Born 1958 “Sterne: 05h12m /-70*”. (d) Lithograph (Granolithograph), 1990

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Star Trek was an attempt to say that humanity will reach maturity and wisdom on the day that it begins to not just tolerate, but take a special delight in differences in ideas and differences in life forms.

—Gene Roddenberry (via muttnikk)

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"sighs for 30 years because human anatomy is hard to learn"

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Winter is coming, Iceland (by Jan Erik Waider)

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 Kaity Barrett || Iceland

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